College by Her: The Community
College by Her: The Community

Welcome to College by Her: The Community

Community. Support. Advice. By us. For Her.

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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • I am unsure of transitioning into college and being independent...
  • What does anxiety and depression really look like?
  • How will I manage the stress of college academics and my personal life?
  • What will making friends be like with a virtual college experience?
  • How will I balance school, friendships, personal interests, and still thrive?
  • Will I be able to connect and build community with like-minded people?

    If the answer is yes, keep reading and find out how this community can help you...

About Us

College by Her: The Community is an extension of College by Her; a movement focused on helping Black girls transition into and navigate college while being mentally and emotionally well. Founder, Phylicia Jasmin, is a Licensed Social Worker currently practicing at Yale's Mental Health Counseling Center. Her goal is to equip you with tools and resources needed to create and own a college experience you are proud of while rooting for you throughout your journey.  

As a member of our community you will receive:

  • Resources and tools aligned with the monthly theme to help you grow mentally and emotionally 
  • A supportive community of other Black college girls who are navigating college just like you
  • Monthly mental health check-ins with opportunities for both 1-on-1 and small group support with founder and licensed therapist, Phylicia Jasmin
  • Weekly challenges to help you grow
  • Access to recorded sessions from Conference by Her 2020
  • and so much more!

College by Her: The Community wants to create a safe space where you can come and feel empowered and supported by those who look like you and want to see you win. We want you to gain community and a deeper understanding about yourself to help you grow mentally and emotionally throughout your college journey. 

Disclaimer: This website and community is informational and supportive and not intended for counseling services. For emergences, please dial 9-1-1.